Sunday, August 03, 2008

Guitar lessons began.

My guitar lessons have already started since yesterday. Today, my fingers are sore. Never mind, since it is part of the process of being able to play the instrument. Your fingers need to form callouses at the finger tips. So I have been practicing on and off today, about 5-10 minutes each session in between doing house work and other things. I am downloading some tabs and also reading something about top diet pills online now after a 10 minutes session just now.

DH been playing a lot too since yesterday. For him it is easier since he already knows how to play. So straight to playing songs. I'm still practicing my finger placing on the frets to play the chords. I'm jealous! LOL But it motivates me to practice.

Can't wait to play my first song. Even if it's just "Old Mc Donald have a farm". :P

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