Monday, August 18, 2008

It hurt like hell.

It hurt like hell, for few days. What is it? My fingers after practicing to play the guitar. Been slightly more than 2 weeks now. Gosh the first few days, it hurt but after a while a thick layer of skin began to form over the tip of the fingers that you use for holding down the strings of the guitar. The skin peeling now on my finger tips, but all I feel is just thick skin. Though the pinky is feeling a little sore still. When you begin to learn guitar, nobody tells you it's going to hurt.

I started playing this tune here which I have learnt from a youtube video by Mike Herbert.

I can play it, though not so smoothly yet when I need to change chords. I am still struggling with my chord changing, but I know I am getting better. Learning to play this way is so addictive. Instead of strumming a chord or two you get bored. But when you learn to make a rhythm you find yourself trying hard to get it right. Well in my case at least.

Mike Herbert is a great teacher. He has a website at where you can subscribe to his newsletter and receive 48 video lessons for FREE! Not one short though but every few days.

If you want you can buy the dvd from him. If you don't buy, it's still fine with him too. Well, that's what he said though, not me. If I get better playing my guitar with his lessons, I don't mind to buy from him later to tell frankly.

Anyway, if you are thinking of learning or picking up the guitar again, you should check his videos. :)

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