Friday, August 22, 2008

Just another personal update.

The man of the house is on holiday now for 2 weeks. Not busy working, but busy studying. Learning some programming language. After a few days on holiday, he got his allergies. As I have mentioned before, he is allergic to pollen. And it is about this time of the year he suffers. So, he's been sneezing, and blowing his nose all day long now. Pity him.

Tutoring for 2-3 times a week now. The kid will have about 4 English lessons at school once school opens this September. Been teaching him how to read. You see, in the Hungarian language, you read the actually sound of a letter. Not like English, you spell differently but you get a different sound most of the times. Like why the word "Cat" starts with a C while "Kitten" starts with a K. Both sounds the same, both are the same animal. Though I bought a book on how to teach a child "phonics". But seems like it is a bit too late for him. The phonic system is said to be used for a child who has no reading experience. As for this boy, he already can read, but not fluently. English that is. I just wonder who invented the spellings in the English language. :)

2 hours reading per session seems to help him improve. Though he is still struggling, but I have no doubt that he is improving. We only go up when we practice right? and not the other way round.

Same goes to my guitar playing, I wonder how long will it take me to be considered good? a year? 2? 3? Depends on how much I practice I suppose. :)


Tina said...

oh you have changed layout over here! very nice

Farah Deen said...

oh yeah, english is a difficult language and especally teaching to students there whose language is so different than english in terms of spelling, it must be really challenging right?

hmm man of the house cuti mesti lady of the house happy! :)

comey_lote said...

wahh..main guitar ke...tak sakit jari-jarimu kak syari?

Syari said...

Hi there Tina!! Yes, changed it.I seem to like to change templates every now and then. LOL

Syari said...


Yes, it is pretty challenging to teach a non English speaker to read English. Harder if he never heard some of the words. I cannot help sometimes because he can be very lazy.You are a lecturer, you should know that, you only can help your students at a certain extent, the rest is up to them to practice and add the knowledge.

Syari said...

Hi, ida...

glad you are back! Sakit masa awal2. Ni dah kematu. Buruk je rasa nengok hujung2 jari.

I'm glad I took up guitar playing. :)

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