Thursday, August 07, 2008

Seafood in Hungary.

When we first came here, it was rather difficult for us to find seafood at the nearby supermarkets. They are only available at the big ones near the city center. Too far for us to go and shop. Even if you can buy, usually it would cost 3-4 times more than what we use to pay for back home. Naturally, no doubt because we have our own Fishing industry to thank to for that. Even though expensive they are not fresh, frozen ones.

A few months back, we started to see more frozen saltwater fish sold in our local supermarket here. We were overjoyed. :D Fresh water fish and curry is not a good combination, you know. Then a now that we have a CBA, another local Hungarian store just around the corner, had even more variety. Frozen crab, frozen fish, frozen squid, frozen tiger prawns, frozen oysters, and they even have frozen frog legs?? ewww..

So, I am really glad to know that when ever we feel the urge to eat seafood we can just walk a few hundred meters and buy. :) Though, frozen, I am just happy, that somebody decides to import more seafood and distribute more to local stores.


Farah Deen said...

well, that's good enough, when there's option, then that's good. it might not be tasting as great as the fresh ones, but if I were abroad and I can't find the fresh ones, those frozen ones might taste as great! what seafood do you normally buy there? what kinda fish?

Syari said...

To tell you the truth I don't know what's the name of the fish I bought usually here. LOL. All in Hungarian.
I was just glad to see the word "tengeri" on any packet that contain fish. Tengeri means sea, not ikan tenggiri. :D

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