Saturday, August 02, 2008

Wow, they said "Please come again".

We have a new CBA - a local Hungarian supermarket - just opened not a few weeks ago nearby our place. Though been opened for quite sometime, today was the first time I set foot in it. I shop somewhere else usually.

So, we were there to buy some milk, chupa chups for bonnie and a few other items. After paying for them the casher said "Thank you" and Something like "Please come again" in Hungarian - My husband translated to me of course. I was like, "wow, she said that." Though with lack of sincerity, but, it is great to hear words like that. We hear that almost all the time in Malaysian supermarket or restaurants. Here, it's a rare thing.

When we were home in Malaysia, we often shop in a Malaysian supermarket called, "Giant". We used to shop early. Usually by 8.30 am we would be there. Opening hour. Early in the morning, if they just opened the store, at least 6 people would stand at the entrance. 3 on each side. When we pass through the entrance, they smiled and greeted us. And of course the "thank you and come again at the cashier". Now you know, why I complain that I'm not getting friendly service after getting that every weekend when we shop back home?? LOL

Most probably the CBA is new, so to invite people to shop there more, they need to show some courtesy. Therefore, I won't be expecting those words to pass the cashiers lips after a few months from now. If they still say it, then, they should start improving to say it sincerely or at least pretend to be sincere. LOL.

Anyway, just to tell, I have got the guitar I was looking for. A Fender CD 60 set. My husband and I like it. :) Now guitar is struck off the wish list, hopefully next time ipods and lasik treatment? :)

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