Monday, September 22, 2008

Chinese meds does wonders at times.

Usually,when it's very cold weather, I would have terribly dry skin. One reason being, I have dry skin of course. Secondly, since we turned on the heater, it is drying up my skin even more. I had skin problem that looked like eczema. (But not really, since that's what the doctor told me. Not eczema. Just overly dry skin.) The last time, I used Goat's milk cream, it helped yes. But after sometime it stopped working somehow.

I have to carry lotion with me all the time. It's like my life depends on it. If the skin in the neck area gets too dry, gosh, it can be so itchy. I even scratch at night that there would be scratches. When I apply lotion then I would feel the burn from the scratch.

I bought a Chinese herbal cream. After 3 days of using the cream my skin is better. So much better than I can remember having ever since I am here in Hungary. I just hope it won't stop helping my skin. :)

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