Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Feel like just curling up in bed.

I forgot to on the heater last night. And woke in the morning near freezing. Well, not really. But it was cold. It was raining the whole of yesterday and day before, but fortunately not raining today. It is slightly cloudy though. I need to go tutor today. Gosh, I wish I can just cancel it and curl up in bed to watch "Gone with the Wind". :P No, cannot do that.

Mr. H is not at home. Gone to Frankfurt early in the morning. He went last night to stay at his father's since his father's place is near to the Ferihegy airport. Not very often I was left at home with Bonnie (at night), I was nearly in tears when he was about to leave. Felt like the time when he had to leave for Indonesia for two weeks. Boy, was I very sad that time. I know, I know. 2 weeks weren't like 2 years even though it felt like it. :P This time it's only 2 nights. Ha ha... even Bonnie could handle it better. If you ask her now where is her daddy, she'd say, "gone up on an airplane". That's how her daddy explained it to her. And this morning, she didn't even ask for him like she used to do every morning.

While waiting for the chicken to thaw, to cook lunch for Bonnie, I'm browsing dieting forums, looking at peoples' before and after pictures. Results of either due to their diet programs or simply using diet pills. Just a hobby of mine to look for pictures of people who has successfully reduced their weight. No, I'm not really obsessed, but that's how I got to lose weight, keep me motivated not to eat too much. I think I need to start get motivated to exercise instead. Mr. H always say that I'm weak, that's why I get cold easily. Well maybe.

Okay, I will have to prepare to cook for Bonnie, feed her and send her up to her grandma. Then need to prepare myself and go. Hmm, wish can just curl up in bed and watch TV instead. :)


nisha said...

Even i sometimes face those teary days when my hubby stays out at night sometimes, due to work;)

Since am scared of the dark.. i keep the lights on and sleep! hehe

Farah Deen said...

Amboi, pakwe pergi 2 hari pun dah sedih macam kena tinggal 2 tahun. muhahahahahah Bonnie lagi macho tu! :)

Maybe that's a common feeling you get when you are abroad and far away from your family right? I mean, the only person you truly know and love is your husband, and when he's not around, it's like no one else. Tapi, you have Bonnie now and she talks a lot right?

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