Sunday, August 31, 2008

Soon bye bye to Summer.

Though I think it is still Summer, but today it was a cool day. Was about 24°c and now it's about 17°c. In a few more weeks, we may have to turn on the heaters. But it has been a nice day, and it is sad to know that Summer is drifting away and Autumn would be moving in (I like autumn still) and then cold winter. I used to wish to live in a cold country where there would be snow. Now that I'm in one, I don't know what I was thinking! LOL But still better than the harsh winters in Canada or Siberia, I believe.

These few days been buying a few things to wear for autumn. For Bonnie especially. She has grown a lot since last Autumn. So you can imagine that she cannot wear most of her clothes that she wore then. Shoes too. At least we adults can wear shoes and boots we wore last year. For me, fortunately I have not "grown sideways", so save cost. LOL But for women, we need to buy more . :P Different case with my husband. When we went to look for shoes or clothes, I would ask him whether he'd buy anything for himself. He'd say, "whatever for? My clothes are all still good." I guess, that's one difference between men and women. Despite buying new clothes every month, a woman would usually say that she had no clothes to wear. :D

Anyway, though I'm sad that Summer is going, but still can celebrate the coming of Autumn by shopping. ;P


comey_lote said...

It is different ur husband compared to mine. He already have a bike (one year old), and now he's planning on buying a new one,(he bought me the pink bike and he get jealous of my new bike so he considering to get him a new one too..haha!) he's already have a cool hphone (also one yr old) , he already bought a new one!regardless his 3 wrist watches, oh 4 now bcz he bought new one too...his shoes take more spaces on shoe rack and his clothes take more spaces in the wardrobe!

Syari said...

Lucky you then Ida! At least he can't complain you are shopping too much. :P My husband only has one wrist watch which I bought for him, like 5 years ago. Very berjimat cermat. LOL

comey_lote said...

Astaga tenses ida!terabur...akakaka

the thing is, i don't shop as frequent as him. but have to admit that i buy things that cost more than his..kira adil jugak la kan...kih kih kih

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