Friday, September 26, 2008

Still looking.

We are still looking on for a new place to call home. So far we have seen 1 house and 3 flats. Another 2 to see next week. A couple of houses and a few more apartments agents and owners on the list to call either tomorrow or next week.

We don't have much choices on the houses though because they are way over our budget. You see, Hungarians in Budapest are like those in Singapore, most of them only live in flats all their lives. I have a cousin and a few friends in Singapore and they all either live in flats or condos. Just like in Singapore, in Budapest the properties are very expensive.So most people here,regardless whether they are blue collar workers or doctors or lawyers, live in flats or apartments. Not much choice.

However, it was good to see a few houses for rent that are within our budget when we were looking around. Despite the price raise in many things, perhaps there are somethings that are becoming cheaper. The only problem, most of the good choices may be a wee bit too far for us. We would need to find the nearest to the mil as possible. Would be difficult for me to send and fetch Bonnie everytime I go tutor. Kinda irritated at the thought a bit. That we are somehow limited in our choices. But what else can we do?

The apartment we are going to see next Mon is the second nearest so far. Hopefully this may be the right one. Even though there are more to see, but just tired to search.


Dyah Ayu said...

Moving out is stressing :-( There's no better solution in this case, as you must find a new flat. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you guys.

comey_lote said...

Good Luck! I know exactly how u feel. I was there, in the same boat

Syari said...

Thanks Ida, ayu. :) There are many flats and houses around, just to choose the one that are closest and cleanest and most comfortable is the difficult task. We all would have to go through this some point in our lives.

The advantage is at least I know the market price of the properties around Budapest. LOL

Farah Deen said...

house hunting can be so tiring and frustrating sometimes kan. but, good you seem to find some places you really like. so, when's the final date to move out?

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