Friday, September 26, 2008

This and that.

Yesterday, while I was trying to get my young pupil to write down the numbers in English, he kept on playing with his Lego. This kid just don't know how lucky he is, that there are people whom his mother hire just to teach him anything he needs or wants to learn. He has a personal trainer who comes 2-3 times a week (he is rather overweight) , English tutor (that's me :) ), and a maths and Hungarian language tutor who comes a few times a week. Last time he even had somebody to come and teach him to draw. He's mom even promised him that she'd get him a new latest thin Toshiba laptop, a nice handphone if he is first in school. If I were him, I'd study hard for that. But knowing his mom, I think he would still get them even if he didn't become first in School. :P

So, getting back to when I was asking him to write, he actually refused to pick up the pencil and write. I usually would have threatened him, that I would tell his mom if he doesn't learn. He is totally not afraid of me. Though I am not small sized but if he throws himself on me, I wouldn't be able to push him away. No kidding. So instead of threat, I told him, "If you don't want to write it is up to you. You want to be smart or stupid, it is up to you. It's not my problem. When the time comes I just go back home. If you think you want to be smart you know what you should do." Something like that. But that did the job. He actually picked up the pencil and wrote down everything in less than 10 minutes. That was a record, the last time I needed him to write 6 simple words, it took me half an hour to make him finish. I was never known to be a patient person. I get irritated quite easily a times, but somehow I noticed that nowadays I handle things a little bit better than usual. :P I tricked my daughter a lot to get her to do what I want. LOL Perhaps that is what becoming older means. Just glad that being patient works. :D However, I think he is actually a nice boy that's why he listened in the end.

Random Pictures I took using my phone camera on the way to tutor.

Anyway, I check the Hungarian websites for properties to rent everyday now. I learn new Hungarian words just by checking them. :) So having to move does have it side advantage. Soon I will have to look for movers. I wish they have something like the auto insurance quotes website where you can just find all the movers including their price quotations just by providing few simple info. In Hungary, I wouldn't be surprised if there isn't but would feel the other way round if someone tells me there is. LOL


Farah Deen said...

that boy sounds like a spoilt brat to me. my father is teaching too, and yes, I hear similar problems everyday from him. some children are born rich but stupid and they don't care about it too. he does the same most of the times when both student and parents refuse to make things better- teach and come back home when the time's up.

lantak la diorang nak belajar ke tak, there's limit to how we can push, plus anak org, bukan boleh lebih2 kan?

ps: smooth moves tu maybe malam ni, the other day taknak sebab we had some business friends join sekali. so, kena la maintain skit. muahahahah malam ni, my family je, so, no hal!

Syari said...

Farah, actually he is in a way spoilt. Only child maa. Tp tgk gak parents jenis camana. Kalau betul sayang anak, tak yah laa tatang bagai minyak yg penuh sangat.

Perangai buruk kat umah boleh lah org kat umah gelak2 manja2. Kalau kat luar perangai gitu mau kena pukul ngan bebudak lain. Kui kui kui.

comey_lote said...

sekeh je...ekekeke
akak ckp bahasa apa dgn dia?english ke hungarian?

oh, i also hope that your dream abt me will come true..hihihi

Syari said...

Kenkadang ada gak rasa cam nak sekeh, kui kui kui. Tetapi lelama rasa, "lantak lah ko". Cakap English sepenuhnya. Tu mak ayah dia suka akak ajar dari org lain. Ada dulu org lain ajar tp lebih banyak ckp Hungarian dari English.

Ada gak le selit2 sepatah dua kata bahasa Hungary yg memana akak tau tu bila nak explain kat dia.

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