Friday, October 24, 2008

1 done, 2 more things to go.

We had at least 3 major things to do at the moment. Buy more furniture, get our adsl internet connection done, subscribe to UPC. Well, not that major, but got to be done.

Went to Ikea to buy the bed for Bonnie and a couple more drawers today. Seems like, despite the slow economy, Hungarians are still going out and shopping. :) Despite our plan to buy a certain kind of bed, finally we ended up getting a queen sized sofa bed for her. In case if one of us would want to sleep next to her, we still can.

We even saw the Bodö bed frame. Took pictures with my phone, so the quality is not good.

We even have a model to try out the bed. :)

Who is that in stripes? :P
Somebody spoiled the picture a bit with her hand.

We ended up spending more than we expected. The small things that added up to the bill. A little bit of this, a little bit of that. This move is expensive for us. We have to buy more stuffs and change more things.

I have a hole in my purse now.

Already selling the Christmas decorations.

Queuing up.

We were there for like 3 hours. Was really tiring. Good thing we could leave Bonnie at the mil's. There were many people. Further we had to buy many things. Not only the big furnitures but the small items, like curtain holders, mugs for the mil, and even had to look at the kitchen faucets section. Might need to change the faucet in the kitchen.

Tomorrow, may have to go out again to get the other things done. Or I might just leave it to Mr. H. :P

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