Thursday, October 09, 2008

Feeling a little blue.

The weather was nice today. Fortunately. If it were to be cold and grey, it might increase the blueness which I am feeling right now. My husband is in Slovenia. Will be there for 3 days. Left early this morning and coming back on Saturday evening. I thought I would be able to take it when ever he goes outstation. But seems like I simply don't like it too much.

Not so bad, compared to the last job. He would go to Jakarta for 1-2 weeks once in a few months. Though outstation to Singapore was the only one that I like those days, because I can go visit my father and hang out with my sisters in Johor Bharu. Or at least I can follow him and stay in Singapore for a few days.

So while having to wait for him, will have to do a little bit more of cleaning up. Will start moving the things on Sunday. Therefore, will be online till then. :P The movers will only be here on Monday. 7.30 am. They sure start off early.

Gonna be one busy weekend for us.


Anor@Nad said...

Good luck with pindah memindah. Am sure it's very tiring. Upacara yg sungguh ku benci. Penat ooo, pack and unpack huh huhhh

Syari said...

Thanks kak Nad. Rasa cam dah biasa je pindah randah ni. LOL Dalam masa 2 thn ni je kali ke-3 ni pindah.

Anor@Nad said...

Ahahhhhh ... so it's not a problem for you since you pun dah get used ... kalau gue lar aduh aduhhhh ..

Syari said...

Penat tu mestilah. Just emotionally cam lali lah gak.

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