Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Home alone.

I just came back from tutoring about half an hour ago. It's school holiday, so I went there earlier - at 10 a.m. Walked Bonnie to her grandma at 9.30 a.m. Was very chilly in the morning. But morning walks are refreshing, so it was fine. Took us 30 minutes to reach there. Bonnie had to stop and smell the flowers and check out the dogs and cats. Talking about cats, I saw 2 dead cats by the road side just today, on the way to tutor. Good thing that Bonnie didn't have to see the dead cats. Most probably I would have had to lie to her saying that they were just sleeping - with their eyes open.

I took a different bus on the way back. First time trying. They have just changed the routes some weeks back. This particular bus that I took, number 5, stopped quite near to our building. Best of all, it passes the Malaysian Embassy. But the Embassy is a little bit further. On the other side of the city. I would usually need to take a tram, then an underground metro, then a bus to the Embassy, if I don't take the taxi (which I would do if I go with Bonnie) . Now, it's only one bus. I need to sit longer on the bus, but at least only one bus ride. After 2 years of being here, I somehow can remember street names. A year ago, I would forget immediately after I read them. I even understand how the roads are here. Was really confusing the first time.

So, I just came home straight without having to pick Bonnie up. My m.i.l looked happy when I said I'd leave her until evening. Bonnie is a lucky girl to have a grandma who loves her so much. Last Sunday evening, we went to my mil's place just to socialize a bit. At about 7 or 8 pm there was a musical show on TV. Bonnie's favourite show. She loves to dance to the music. So four adults dancing along with one 3 year old girl in the middle. An only child, loved dearly, that many times we would follow what ever she says, even if it meant that we would have looked like idiots dancing around.

Her daddy will pick her up on the way back home. So I am home alone till then.

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comey_lote said...

sometimes we need to be alone right?

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