Sunday, October 19, 2008

Home sweet home.


Where there is faith, there is love,

Where there is love, there is peace,
Where there is peace, there is blessing
Where there is blessing, God abides
Where God is, nothing is lacking"

It's 10 degrees celcius here at the moment. Pretty cold for me. Glad that we moved when it was warmer. We are about 10 - 15 minutes walk from the mil place, so we still send Bonnie to her. Even today when her daddy wanted to work, we sent her in the morning and the grandma sent her back in the evening.

We have progressed quite well with the rearrangement of furniture and household things. However, still many things to do to feel really settled. Need to set up the shelves, seal the windows ( from the cold), get new drawers for the clothes, etc.

Mr H (my husband) had no real rest since few days before we moved. He went to Slovenia few days prior to the moving and came back at about 3 am Sunday morning last week. 7 am started to move some things. Clean. Slept at about 11 pm. The next day, Monday, he took leave from work. Started to work at 6.30 am, to prepare for the movers. Sent Bonnie to the grandma and waited for the movers to come. He even helped the movers carry some things. Because they were only 2 guys and some of the things are pretty heavy. Had to set up some important furniture, clear the place a bit so won't be dangerous for Bonnie, and we ended the day at about 12 am. The next morning he went to work. Pity him really. He look like a panda today. Two dark circles under the eyes. Today, after lunch he slept till 5 pm. Still not enough to take away the tiredness. He is up and working in the other room now.

He worked on Saturday, that was yesterday, due to some celebration next week here. So next weekend, he will have 4 days holiday. Which, he will use to go shop some furniture and drill more. Of course I will work too. I worked alongside. Though at least I didn't have to carry the heavy things and I could rest weekdays. He couldn't. I washed, scrubbed, rearrange but he had to do the things which I cannot do like drilling and setting up shelves.He is such a great dependable guy. I am indeed grateful for him. Perhaps I should just suggest that he take the day off and don't do anything this weekend. But knowing him, he wouldn't really rest if there are things left undone and that's the only time he would be able to do them. That's what it takes to settle down. Moving is not only physically tiring but emotionally too. As I have mentioned before, hope this will be our last move in Hungary.

Just keep the faith, and hope for the best. We are liking our new home and we hope to make it as comfortable as we can. It will just take some time I know.


comey_lote said...

Glad to know most are settled if not all. I know exactly how u feel. How? I'm a nomad remember?LOL.
Glad u're liking ur new house and new neighbors. That's important as well.

Gille said...

We took few monnths to really "moved" into our present place. We sort of took our time. Now that we are settled, we might move again sometime next year.

I noticed how much junks we have during the packing and unpacking. : Þ.

Syari said...

Ida, not really settled down, but at least started to feel comfy. :)

Jemer, it was the same for us with the old place. We were finally settled, nothing to set up to accommodate our junks, :P then we had to move. Moving seems like a yearly ritual at the moment.

We threw away loads of junks too. :P

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