Saturday, October 11, 2008

How many social networks are you with?

Gosh, I just got another invitation from an ex housemate to join another social networking website. Actually I've joined it long ago when it first started. A penpal from Japan invited me then. But I didn't log in there for eons. Another friend asked me whether I had facebook. Which I had registered after 3 friends' invitations. But I haven't the time to learn how to navigate the website. I have 3-4 other websites to learn how to navigate on.

I think I'm just like many others who just kept on joining these kind of social networking websites every time a friend invites. I am on Friendster, tagged, wayn, facebook, myspace, hi5, orkut, and also iwiw. Perhaps there are even more which I even forget that I signed up for.

The feeling is like having so many bank accounts that you don't have money in. I worked part time while waiting for school or University exam results. Every job I took I had to open a new bank account. Because many of them prefer a certain bank. So much so I had like 5-6 bank accounts, many of which I don't even have money on them. Every time there were money I took them out and put into my main bank. I even had 4-5 credit cards which I don't need, from some of the banks. The feeling was like, "how am I to handle this?"

If only all my friends would just use one social networking website. I think something like is cool. It is a hungarian site that I think nearly every Hungarian or those who stayed or worked in Hungary would join. Not just anyone can go there and register. Need somebody to invite. And that somebody needs to request for a ticket to invite. Even that is limited. So far I think that is the only social network site my husband joined to stay in touch with his Hungarian friends. Even my mil is using it to contact old friends whom she hadn't met for years.

My friends are mostly from Malaysia, so a unique social network like iwiw for Malaysians would be good. Any Malaysian Geek care to set up one?? ;)


Dyah Ayu said...

Lol same thing for me. I just joined those sites, but hardly use any of them -- rather stick to conventional messengers when it comes to chatting :-) Anyway most close friends/relatives know my email address. Wayn is one of those which annoy me the most. They keep sending me spam from ppl I don't know. I don't really have any account on Iwiw, but you're right -- seems like every Hungarian does :p

Syari said...

Only thing I find convenient with those sites is that, you don't have to update each and every friend about the new things that's going on.

To many to handle a bit of a hassle.

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