Friday, October 10, 2008

I miss this sight.

I don't remember putting this videos up. They were taken a few weeks before we left for Hungary. A typical early morning sight at the park we frequent to back home. We have a special name for these people in the videos. "Moon walkers". Yeah I know they are doing some kind of exercise. My husband thought that Malaysians have a funny way of exercising. But at least we can see that they exercise. I cannot see any old people here going about exercising. They either just walk or sit in group at some park bench gossiping. :P

Every morning there would be a Taichi class and these people would be walking around. And there would be another group dancing. Something like mild aerobic dance. Wish I had taken vids of those groups. Sure miss the early morning sights there.




Moon walker association. LOL


Cath said...

Where was this Mesy?
Nampak cantik la the taman.
Mesti u rindu Malaysia kan?
Will u come back? I mean, for good?

Syari said...

Cat, It's at Taman Wawasan in Puchong. Yup, nice neighbourhood. Yup, missing Malaysia. I've no idea lah Cat whether will go back for good or not. Just sure that not going to stay in Hungary for very long.

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