Monday, October 06, 2008

Last week here.

This week hopefully will be our last week here. Not that I am so happy to move. But I just want all this to end quick. The plan was to move slightly earlier. We can only move on a weekend because my husband cannot take leave. The owner offered to repaint the place a bit so that's one weekend gone, because they too can only do it on a weekend. LOL.

Many of our things are in boxes now. Mainly books and clothes that we don't use. It's the little things that is really tiresome to pack. Like cups ,plates and anything fragile. You got to wrap them up with paper or tissue before putting them in boxes. It is not so bad, cause I'm not doing the packing one shot. The delay isn't a bad thing then, at least we can do things slowly. Way different from the time when we had to pack up for our move here. Wow, that was a real tough one for us. Had to stay way up late till 2-3 am to pack.

Promised ourselves not to buy more things here because we hope to make another big move. But we already plan to buy a bed for Bonnie once we move. Had to. She broke her cot when she jumped up and down on it, and also it's about time she get her own bed. Always like that. You plan something else and you do something else. Before we know it, there would be more furniture that we would buy. ( Won't complain if my husband decides to get a plasma tv with a pop up tv cabinet though.)

One thing for sure, our next big move, all the things will be left behind. I don't want to spend another day for packing up furniture for moving next time. Feel like my bones just had about enough of it. :D


Farah Deen said...

well, there's a lot of work, but I am sure the thrill of decorating your new place will be exciting. plus, you mentioned the other house is bigger, so, better for more clutters. :)

Syari said...

For some people, more space means more clutter. For me more space, means more place to hide my junks. LOL

comey_lote said...

Ingatkan tggu hujung bulan baru move out. Nasib baik belum pos parcel..jgn lupa bg alamat tau

Syari said...

Ida, the sooner the better actually. Dah pun nak sejuk. Nak settle cepat kalau boleh.

Boleh hantar je kat alamat yg sama. Mother in law boleh tolong ambik.

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