Thursday, October 02, 2008

Please, no flu please.

I have not been feeling really well since morning. It's the sort of weather that I get sick easily. I had tutorial today. Nearly canceled it. I changed my mind though after Bonnie was so enthusiastic asking me whether we are going out to the boy's place. (Yes I promised her). So went there with her. I wanted her to listen to English. Felt that she hasn't got as much English exposure as much as I would like. As I was a few steps away from the boy's place, I received an sms from Mr. H saying he canceled it for me. But I continued anyway. The father was surprised to see me. He thought I wasn't coming. He just spoke to Mr. H that time. LOL

Bonnie somehow enjoyed the visit. Because of a cute guinea pig named Molly and especially a Hungarian speaking Parrot called "Csirke" or Chicken in English. The guy actually keeps all sort of animals as pets. A licensed trader too. So in that house of theirs they have a room especially for the pets. Once in a while he would take out and show me a lizard he just bought. I would squirm definitely. LOL He even asked me to go and watch him feed his python. 60 white live mice of all sizes a week. Goodness, no thank you. Saw him did that once actually. Eeww... Pitiful actually. Given alive. Cause the snakes won't eat them dead.

Bonnie girl in the end didn't want to come back, until the personal trainer of the boy came to take him out. After enticing her that I'd let her watch "kis vakond" (little mole) then only she said okay.

Only few hours but I am starting to feel as if I'm getting a flu. You know, the sort of feeling when you start to feel weak and your body becoming sore. So bye bye for now and off I go to get a warm bath. Hopefully that would make me feel a lot better.

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