Saturday, October 04, 2008

Something for cheerig up.

Been raining since morning. Rather gloomy day. But to be honest I like rainy days. However today, it wouldn't really matter whether it rains or not cause I am myself feeling the gloom from within.

Anyway, here's some cute and funny pictures for cheering up. :P

Check out the baby's face in the last pic. LOL Sure knows how to show her (guess must be a girl for the pink outfit) feelings. LOL.


Farah Deen said...

incredibly cute! I remember the fat baby from the first pic, He even came on the news here. I hope by the time he's big, he's no longer that fat. Masa kecik ok la fat=cute. dah besar jadi obese pulak.

Syari said...

Usually gitu, kecik chubby melampau memang obese person in the making lah.

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