Thursday, October 30, 2008

Time to be sick.

The title of the post is such because it is around this time of the year in Hungary that I get sick a lot. I am having a cold now. Runny nose and a terrible cough. Was bad yesterday, but better today. My mil came by in the morning to collect Bonnie for a few hours, so that I could rest and get better a bit. It was nice of her.

As I remember, I rarely get sick in Malaysia. Even my husband gets sick frequently. It's worse for him. He was sick for a very long time. For two months. Due to the cold and also his allergies.

Too bad for me that I couldn't go tutor for the rest of the week. Oh well... I hope to get better soon.


Farah Deen said...

ohhh that must be the winter flu. Take as much rest as you need and get well soon. Hopefully, tak berjangkit kat Bonnie. you know how fast the fly bug flies!

Syari said...

Yes Farah, it's due to the cold weather. Thank God that Bonnie seldom gets sick. At least compared to many other children here.

I am getting better though. :) thanks.

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