Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Would you buy this bed?

I was browsing the Hungarian Ikea website. Just looking for a single bed for Bonnie. I came across this particular bed. Bodö bed frame. I have seen the actual product. No it didn't look any better then too.

I love Ikea furniture. They are usually simple, practical, comfortable and the designs, are usually great. All the characteristics of an Ikea furniture, perhaps may apply to this particular bed, except for that last one. The design.Look at it. Don't you think the bed is overly simple? It costs about 12000 Ft, which currently equals to RM 228 or 65 USD.

Maybe they are just trying to provide the cheapest solution for those who cannot afford, but can't they make the design a little bit better than looking like an unfinished factory product? Looks like somebody has a crate platform as a bed.

Just my opinion. Anyone who has this bed, please don't bash me for being quick to say that it is ugly.


Anor@Nad said...

Hehehe it's a bit ugly ... mcm takut plak nak lompat, takut patah hehehe ... the advantage, senang nak vacum under hehehe

Dyah Ayu said...

Me too, I love Ikea stuff :p But honestly, since pregnant I've been having back pain after sleeping on our Ikea bed. First I thought it's just something to do with pregnancy -- that's what I read, at least. Then I slept on another bed and found out that the back pain has gone! Since then I've changed my bed lol. But I'm not sure, maybe it's just me.

In any case, I used to visit for furniture shopping. They had a store near our flat. Some of their items are cheap, but there are expensive ones too. They have other branches also, maybe you can check it later :-)

Farah Deen said...

gosh Syari, that bed looks strange and ugly. How can it be comfortable at all? I'd rather sleep on the floor with just a mattress than to sleep on that bed. hhehehehehe

Syari said...

Yup, kak nad, bagi kat Bonnie memang patah. Katil dia patah pasal dia lompat2. Tu kena beli baru.

Syari said...

Farah, I thought the same. For 200 ringgit, can get a better bed elsewhere than Ikea right??

Syari said...

Ayu, where from that you read that Ikea bed can cause back pain??

Did you have to buy your beds there or already provided by your landlord?

We went to Kika 2 months back. Saw a cheap bed there. We didn't want something expensive because we might leave all the furniture on our next big move.

We wanted to buy a bed anyway whether Bonnie's bed broke or not. She is not getting smaller. But they didn't have the bed on the catalogue. The lady couldn't even tell when will have. So we will never go there again.

Then we went to another one which I don't even remember the name, ordered a bed that look somewhat the one we wanted to get at Kika. Nearly 2 months didn't call us back.

So Ikea it is. We bought most of our stuff there even in Malaysia. So at least something familiar for us.

You had to buy furniture when you were here?? Not fully furnished?

Dyah Ayu said...

Lol from friends' testimonies. Some said that their husbands got back pain after sleeping on Ikea bed. I didn't believe it until it happened to me. I had no complaint about it before I was pregnant. It's the landlord's bed actually. Now I'm just sleeping on an $38 air mattress :p But no more back pain, really.

In Hungary I didn't really buy furniture, but sometimes went to Kika to buy smaller things like towels. The mil once wanted to buy a new bed for herself. There were things that cost 17K Ft at that time, if I'm not mistaken. Forgot how they looked exactly, I guess then they must have looked normal lol.

Syari said...

Ayu, towards the end of my pregnancy, it was hard to sleep anywhere. LOL I had to put plenty of pillows behind my back and sleep half sitting. Most prob the air mattress is better.

I think the beds in Kika looked like beds somehow. LOL Not like a crate platform with a mattress on it.

Dyah Ayu said...

I know, but I actually have no more backache since I sleep on the air mattress :-) Not even a little.

Syari said...

Will keep in mind. That air mattress. For the next pregnancy. :)

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