Friday, November 14, 2008

Collecting presents.

Christmas is less than 2 months. Strange that I have to look forward to Christmas more than my very own celebration, Eid ul Fitr. It is just because everybody else celebrates that here and I just join in for the presents. LOL. You just go on with the rest of the crowd. Besides, I have celebrated it with my father's side of the family who are Christians. So it is not that strange is it?

Now that it is getting closer we are collecting presents. Not for ourselves but for other people. Buying them slowly so that we don't have to rush in the end. People usually like to shop at the eleventh hour.

The presents are great but having to choose presents is something we are not good at. It is usually more fun to buy toys for the children and easy too. But when it comes to adults, it isn't that easy. I remember I couldn't think of what she would like, ended up buying books. LOL I plan to get her a handbag this year.Saw some pretty looking Oscar de la Renta , and Guess handbags, but I'm just not sure how to choose. I suck in choosing handbags for other people. What's more for a 63 year old. LOL Hopefully I'd come up with of something other than books this year if not handbag.

You can ask me to buy kids presents anytime. Have 3 big boxes of playmobil for Bonnie ready to be wrapped up and I'm still thinking of buying a few more things.


Farah Deen said...

I would be looking forward to Christmas too if I were living in a country where everyone else celebrates christmas. it's the festive season and the same feeling you get right before hari raya too. plus, with christmas, it's always wonderful to receive presents. i like!

Syari said...

I like the presents. But the gathering is nice too. Yes, it is the same feeling like Hari Raya. I like the decorating. It's nice.

comey_lote said...

whaaa...oscar de la renta??
dah starts sale ke kat sana? I think diorg ni beli last minute sbb tggu sale kot :-P

Syari said...

Ida, kat ebay. Mia ha ha ha. Sini?? Huu jgn haraplah, mahal nak mampus. Maybe lah tunggu sale diorg beli last minute. Tp kata lagi murah kalau beli lepas Christmas.

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