Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dreaming of the 'simple' life.

Yesterday afternoon my husband sent our girl to her grandmother's place and left her there for some hours. We had something to do in the house. Build shelves and rearrange the furniture. It is getting better now. In the evening both of us went to pick her up. We had dinner at the in law's. My mother in law made vegetarian pizza. We wanted to come back earlier but had to stay back a little bit because my husband was talking with my fil about getting a Toshiba Satellite lappie for himself,he and my mil always argue who's to use the pc at times. (They are like kids. :P)

Anyway, those were not what I really wanted to talk about. This is. Now, while they were talking, my mil was telling about her dry skin. She has to use Olive oil every time she takes shower. We all have dry skin usually in this kind of weather. I just said in a matter of fact way, that life is just so simple back home. We didn't really have to worry about all this things. My mil just sighed and said,"what to do? we were born here." I guess when you've lived all your lives like this you don't care too much. You accept what life has given. You don't miss something you never had. For me it is not that easy to adapt. To think that I never had to take care of these small details for 20 odd years of my life. I'm not sure how long it would take to get used to this kind of cold.

Although it may seem so mudane in Asian countries. Where the weather is hot all year round. When it is not hot, that means it's wet rainy season. But we do not have to really care about other things. Things like having to check the thermometer before we go out. Worry whether the clothes are warm enough. Take care not to bathe too much or the skin would dry up. Even if not because of the water the chance of skin to get overly dry is there too due to the coldness. Also if there is snow, your clothes may get wet when you're out in it and so on.

Now I know why summer is one favourite season for many. You simply do not have to care much. That's how life was before we came here. Never cared whether it was 24 degrees or 33 degress. Sandals or flip flops all year round if you want. Not to mention the money we don't have to spend on the heating. Too hot is not great either, but still simple.

I may sound like I'm whining. Not really, I'm just reminiscing about how it was when the weather is always warm all the time. LOL Being in a cold climate country isn't that bad. It is especially nice in Spring and Autumn. When it isn't very cold and the nature is simply beautiful.

The ideal thing in life for me is, live in Asia and visit Europe to enjoy the cold weather and go back home once you're tired of it. :P


Farah Deen said...

Well, you said it perfectly, how can you miss something you never had in the first place? Asia is perfect? hmmm maybe to some extend, but I wouldn't say it's a perfect place too. I guess, no where is perfect, everywhere has its good abt bad surely. I love malaysia for it's food and the fact that my family is here. if however, everyone in my family is located elsewhere, i might love it too. just not sure how much i will though.

duduk kat luar sekejap2 memang la best kan, kalau dah kena duduk forever tu entah la boleh ke tak.

comey_lote said...

Thank God I don't have dry skin prob this year...atau belum lagi??:-P
ohye, other than olive oil ida guna guna bodyshop body butter.

comey_lote said...

cuma satu je masalah yg tak dapat diatasi musim sejuk ni...DANDRUFF!!eiii sbb mandi air panas...

Syari said...

Farah, I wouldn't say Asia is perfect. As you say nothing is perfect. For me, a Malaysian, there will not be anywhere else better than my own country. As they say, 'there's no place like home'.

Syari said...

Ida, akak guna Eucerin sekarang ni. Okay. Huuu, dandruff toksah cakap. Tak tau lak dandruff sebab mandi air panas, padan lah melampau banyak dandruff. Kat Mesia dulu tarak dandruff.

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