Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Getting the things together.

Bonnie is sleeping. Pheewwh. She can really talk a lot these days. So much that instead of words you hear it like a buzzing. I wonder whether I was like that as a child? I really do feel sorry for my parents now if I did. LOL My husband said, most probably I was like that seeing at how I can talk on and on. Ha ha ha.

Now that I have a little bit of time, I started to check all the powerpoint files I did for Bonnie a long time ago. They are slideshows of letters and words. She couldn't sit down for too long to concentrate on the slideshows then. We notice that she is able to sit longer so I'm gathering all the things to start back on track.

I really admire moms who effectively homeschool their kids. Bonnie cannot go to a nursery now, since I, her mom is not working. I would like to send her to a nursery a couple of hours a day only, at least she'd learn to mix and play with the other children. But since she can't, I need to teach her myself. I am not so sorry about that actually because she is brighter than some kids her age whom I know.

I went to work for a kindergarten here for sometime. But I stopped due to the travelling that I had to make. Nearly 4 hours to and fro. Not worthy. However I learnt something about what they teach in the kindergarten and the nursery. Bonnie isn't doing bad at all. In fact she is doing better than the 3 year olds there. :P Not saying it because she's my daughter but since I myself worked for sometime and saw how it was, I believe Bonnie is doing fine even staying at home with me instead of going to the nursery.

So getting the materials together. To keep on going. :)


comey_lote said...

Good to know that..I wish i could homeschool my own kids but I won't have the opportunity if we're living in Malaysia

Farah Deen said...

SYari, maybe Bonnie is like you masa you kecik2 dulu, mulut murai ye..sama la kita! LOL anyway, that's a good idea putting up power point slides to teach her the alphabets. Syabil was really fast actually. He knew his letters even before he was 2 years old. Of course then, his pronunciation was babyish, but he knew the letters even if you mix them up and not go according to the chronological order. however with Daryn, she's a normal baby, nothing like her brother. sampai sekarang one to 5 pun tak lepas lagi. hahahahhaha

I am now trying to teach Syabil to write his letters, but he's not that interested. Ada satu time tu, ajar dia alif ba ta, tapi he said 'no no, i dont like' muahahhaah sabar je la!

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