Sunday, November 09, 2008

November 9th update.

Yesterday, we had the heating systems checked. The heating is rather old style in this apartment. One heater actually had some leakage of carbon monoxide. Hu hu hu. Got it repaired. But we have a carbon monoxide alarm nevertheless, for precaution. My brother in law had monoxide poisoning early this year. Nearly killed the family.

We also finally had our satellite tv system installed yesterday. We were somewhat ecstatic. The last time we had some free cable channels, so we didn't subscribe. Unfortunately, with free ones we could not make English as the default language.

At first we thought we have like 40 over channels perhaps, but we saw that we have 300 over. Mostly useless for us though. When we saw that there were that many channels, we had our hopes high. "Perhaps we could have one Malaysian Channel?". Dream on. LOL There are English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, but no Malaysian Channel. Oh well, can't complain. As long as there are other cool channels I can watch I don't mind. But having a child around, most of the time we would have JimJam or Minimax on.

A step more of getting a lot comfortable. :)


Farah Deen said...

i really didnt know about how poisonous to the extend of killing! Better be careful then. Well, looks like you guys are settling down in your new place rather well. Bonnie loves this new place or old?

comey_lote said...

satelite tv??woohoo!!syoknya!tp kalau org rumah ida ni wpun ada sejuta channel pun tgk sukan je memanjang.... and CNN...and BBC

Syari said...

Farah, really dangerous. It is called "silent killer". You cannot smell it or see it. Tahu2 pengsan dan mati kalau masuk dalam system banyak sangat. Selalu time tidur satu family tak bangun lagi. Mati. Both place she likes I guess. Since there dekat ngan grandma dia. Here, because it's new and spacier.

Ida, sini samalah, balik2 ngk channel cartoon ja. Akak suka ngk BBC, National Geographic ngan History channel. Tu pun malam je lah dapat ngk dalam sejam dua.

Scotty's Princess said...

Hi Syari. I've missed you! Thanks for visiting my blog. Sorr I wasn't able to visit here that much lately. I hope all is well. About my Prince, we still havce to see each other first quarter of next year if I get approved, if not, I will wait for him here late quarter of next year. I hope everything will turn out as planned ;-)

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