Sunday, November 30, 2008

Planning ahead.

My father in law and his wife, Kati came for a visit in the morning. We went out to the park together. Though the thermometer showed that it was about 8 degrees celcius, but for me it felt colder than that. Kati asked me whether I am used to the cold already. Heck no. Well, I didn't put it that way. But I told I don't think I will ever be used to it. I've been coughing for nearly a month now.

As of today, it will be about 2 weeks more for Bonnie's birthday and less than a month for Christmas. We've got Bonnie's presents a couple of weeks ago. But gave her one already. We were too excited to see her happy reaction when she received the toy that we couldn't wait any longer. Will have to make up for that.

I haven't got anything for my husband yet. If he were to be a handyman or who likes to build and make things as a hobby, I could get him some new power tools, air tools or other hardware. I am tempted to just give him cash or amazon gift certificates so that he can buy for himself though. :P But since we still have plenty of time to do last minute shopping, I still have time to figure out what to get.

Few days before Christmas we may go to Balaton again. To visit the aunt and uncle. So I guess we can now see Tagore Setany in BalatonFured in Winter. Yippiee! :P Also we've planned to see some other places. That is up to me to see what and where. I'd like to see Székesfehérvár. It was a Royal city in the olden days. Many Kings and Queens of Hungary were coronated and buried there. I have told my husband about me wanting to see the place sometime ago. Though would be nice to see it in the summer, but perhaps it would be as good to see it now in Winter.

So, am all excited now, you should see the big smile I'm putting on my face at the moment. :)


comey_lote said...

bestnya nak gi jalan2!!

Syari said...

Ida, walaupun tak gi jejauh cam Ida, at least these places are still somewhere else than Budapest. Something different for a change. :)

comey_lote said...

Jauh dekat lain cerita, yg penting jalan2 makan angin ..haha

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