Friday, December 19, 2008

6 more days to go.

6 more days to go till Christmas. We have made plans of going around visiting relatives. It's in these sort of times that I am grateful that my husband doesn't come from a huge family, like mine. Now we have at least one grandma, one father, one aunt and two uncles to visit. Though at least mine usually we wouldn't have to go visiting from one house to another, we gather at one place. Which would make things a lot easier for everyone. I do not know whether it is the culture or just this family of my husband, Christmas seems to be private even for relatives. Everyone celebrates Christmas at their own houses. My father's side of the family would usually celebrate together. Brothers, sisters,uncles and aunts, grandma, grandpa would all be at one venue. As they say, the more, the merrier.

Whatever it is, thinking about the chocolates,cakes and other desserts to be eaten on Christmas day, I may need the best diet pills to help me shake off the calories fast. Now that my mother in law is successful with her diet regime - she lost 5-6 kgs, and look a lot slimmer, I simply cannot gain weight now. :P She would tell me "don't gain weight". But every time I was at her place, she'd offer all sorts of things to eat. Hmm...

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Syari said...

geezz...nice layout syari!!really love it..simple yet pretty,tingat christmas kt perth last yr,best cam2 free gift bebudak ni dpt + decoration pon chantek..nti amik la pics yg cantek2 masa christmas kt sna ye syari.. ;)

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