Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Another day.

Another working day tomorrow, and my husband will go on a holiday for nearly 3 weeks. Happy to have him home even though 3 weeks would mean that we might even drive each other up the wall. :P

Bonnie will turn 3 tomorrow too. However, other than giving her, her birthday presents, nothing else. We will only get her a cake on Christmas which is just one week later. Further there are only a few of us. Her uncle's family are not in good terms with the grandma now.Would be great to have her cousins over, but it's like that, adults can be even worse than children when it comes to arguments.

Will be going to Balaton some time next week or the week after. Not for a long stay, but just for a short visit to relatives there.

Hope it'll be a white Christmas this year. :)


Farah Deen said...

oh sweet Bonnie is turning 3 tomorrow? so, her birthday is just like 2 weeks away from syabil's. syabil will be turning 4 on the 4th january.

so, you will be having her birthday party on christmas? that's nice since it's really soon too. I will drop by again tomorrow to wish her ok?

Syari said...

Happy belated birthday, Bonnie! Did mommy bake a cake for you? :p

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