Monday, December 08, 2008


We went to visit my brother in law's family last Saturday. My father in law came with his wife in the morning and we drove there together. As usual, I forgot to bring my camera. The place was in Mogyorod, not in Budapest. It was quite nice actually because the air is a lot fresher there.

On the 6th of December it was Szent Mikulas nap, or Saint Nicholas day. I've never heard of it until I came here. In Malaysia Christians only celebrate Christmas, there was no Santa Claus day. On Saint Nicholas day or Santa Claus day the children would get some chocolates supposedly given by Santa Claus. Bonnie had enough chocolates to feed an army. Okay exaggerating. :P But we had more than what we can finish. She doesn't like chocolates much, heavens knows why. I don't eat much chocolates much nowadays either.

On Sunday, that was yesterday, it was Eid ul Adha. We didn't do anything except for going out and buy more things for the house. To be frank even in Malaysia I do not really celebrate it. Well, maybe I'd cook rendang or curry to eat together with nasi impit for ourselves and the neighbours. But that's it. I wish to do a small open house for the family for the next Eid ul Fitri though. I hope that time we do not have to move again so can concentrate on the preparation for the occasion instead of preparing to move. :(

Bonnie's birthday will be on the 18th. Exactly a week before Christmas. Would be great to invite close family members to come. But since it's only one week away from Christmas, there are some thoughts that we just do it together with Christmas so that people don't have to come twice.

Gosh, December is sure full of events.


Farah Deen said...

selamat hari raya to you Syari. well, even we don't celebrate raya haji as grand as raya puasa. my mom did cook some dishes, but that's about it. eh, Bonnie's birthday is on the 18th? wow, and Syabil's birthday will be on the 4th January- sama zodiac ke both of them ha? I am still thinking of the venue for his birthday party. it's always a headache nak fikir pasal party budak budak ni.

well, about santa clause day, I have never heard about it too. it must be nice though for kids and getting a lot of chocolates! do you have a christmas tree at home? I was just telling my sis i feel like buying one this year. LOL not that we are celebrating, but it looks really pretty.

Syari said...

Selamat hari raya Farah. :) I think Syabil is a Capricorn right? Bonnie's a Sagittarius. Don't think there'll be a party for her. Never done it. Maybe once she's bigger with more friends.

Yup, we do have a Christmas tree. A fake one though. Easy to handle. But who knows next time we'll get a real one. Just buylah, really pretty actually especially when you just turn off the lights, huddle together and watch the sparkling lights on the tree. :)

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