Friday, December 26, 2008

A few Christmas Pictures.

Christmas tree at my mother in law's place.

Greeting cards specially from Bonnie to them.

This is our tree at home. Don't mind the ugliness of the tree. Been using it for 3-4 or maybe 5 years now and the husband was the one who decorated it last minute. :P Those are the gifts for us and the family. Nearly half of those are Bonnie's. Mine the blue unwrapped thing. A white nintendo DS lite in its case and another package. It's not only me who already started using the Christmas gift before Christmas. My mother in law got a flat screen pc monitor from my husband and got it way before Christmas. She was talking about checking out bed frames
a few weeks before he bought her the monitor. So I thought he'd get her that for Christmas, but turned out he got her a nice monitor.

Bonnie with her gifts from grandma and grandpa. Her grandma gave a set of 4 cute hand puppets. And the white sheep from grandpa. The wool is 100% pure wool. It's one of her favourite toys now which she brings along everywhere she goes. So we would sing her,

"Bonnie has a little lamb, it's fleece is white as snow,
Everywhere that Bonnie goes, the lamb was sure to go."

Then we had fun with a "songkok".My husband wearing it here.

Then the real owner of the "songkok" tried it on. :) He is collecting hats.

Have more pictures on their camera, which we haven't got uploaded yet. Mostly pictures of Bonnie. She was really the center of attention.

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