Thursday, December 25, 2008

Karácsony (Christmas)

Had a small celebration last night with the in laws. We had dinner, exchange gifts, brought out a cake for Bonnie for her birthday, and chit chat. Only the 5 of us but it turned out well. :) Everybody is happy with their gifts.

We were there for about 3-4 hours. Bonnie got tired and she asked us to go home (something rare). She was overly excited yesterday. She had a pretty pink gown for yesterday's occasion and was dancing and twirling for us. Received 6 presents last night. She didn't even know which one to play with first. LOL

I am glad my husband likes his pedometer. ;) He put it on the first thing in the morning today. I'm using mine too. So we want to see who actually moves more. Last night itself proved that I moved more than he. I am shorter than he is, thus my strides are smaller. For the same distance we walk I would have to make more steps than he. It is fun to compare our achievements. I may even order one for my mother in law later. She seem to be interested in it.

I will post some pictures later (perhaps this evening) once I get to upload the photos.


comey_lote said...

kalau macam tu Ida mesti bergerak lebih dari korg...sbb ida lagi pendek..hahahaha

Syari said...

Ida, kata kalau jarak 1 meter, kalau org kaki panjang, mungkin kena buat 6-7 langkah. Kalau org kaki pendek mungkin kena buat 9-10 langkah. So kalau lagi rendah org tu, lagi banyak le dia kena jalan.LOL

Tp kan kitorg baru perasan, walau akak lagi banyak buat 'steps' tapi husband akak jalan lagi jauh. Pedometer ni siap kira berapa batu kita jalan. Bagusnya kaki panjang, langkah sikit tp cepat sampai. LOL

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