Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mi ujsag?

"Mi ujsag?", That's the hungarian way of asking, "What's up?" or "What's new?". I suppose people are busy.It seems to me that end of the year is always a rather busy period for most people. Busy but exciting I think :).

The next door neighbour, the Brit and the Hungarian wife moved the day before. But we are waiting for a new one to come. A couple with a child.We have yet to know the age of the child. If around 2-3 years old, then Bonnie shall have a friend. In this entire building, the only child is Bonnie. Just saying so cause I've never seen any other children around and looking at the level of tolerance some of the people living here showed, I really have the feeling that Bonnie may be the only child here.

I couldn't wait till Christmas so I started playing with my Nintendo DS lite. :P Yup, I got that for Christmas. So I've been busy playing that at every chance I get. Playing Animal crossing, Lost in Blue 3 and Brain Age 2 now. Got some games for Bonnie to play on it too. A couple for my husband if he felt like playing (As if). He called me a big child for loving it so much. Not that I'm the oldest person ever playing games on a DS right? I dun care anyway. :P I'm just indulging my inner child that's what I told him.

As for Bonnie, she got some play mobil sets. She had a take along doll house for Santa claus day, another set for her birthday and and yet another one for Christmas. The tiny parts are driving me crazy sometimes lying around. But still I might be getting her another set to play with. Seems like she is more interested with my DS instead. LOL

Got 2 things for my husband. A sleek and slim looking keyboard. Nice feeling using the keyboard. It feels like using a laptop. Well, my husband is using a laptop, but I thought this may be much more comfy. Also I got him a pedometer. He is working in the office and not moving much as he complained every time. He is doing sports only twice a week now. So hopefully, he will use it, set a target everyday and try to move as much as he can when ever he gets the chance.

We've set the date when we are going visiting. Christmas eve, will be at my mother in law's place. 26th the uncle and the grandma. On the 27th will be celebrating with my father in law and my husband's younger brother's family together at pestlorincs. On the 29th or maybe on the 28th(??) will be off to Balaton to visit an aunt and another uncle. Perhaps will be there for the night and come back the next day.

We have yet to get small gifts for some of them. We post-phoned every time. I'm quite sure we will be getting more chocolates. Now to think of it, no wonder I have lost my appetite for chocolates these days. Chocolate for every occasion. Amazing how some Hungarian ladies can maintain their slimness.

That's it for now. Going to mil's place. She got a new flatscreen monitor for her pc so had to go and do the setting up for her.

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