Monday, December 29, 2008


We went to Balaton early yesterday morning and came back in the evening. Took us about 4 hours drive to and fro. Not too far, but it was tiring. The uncle gave us a call saying that something came up so we had to cancel the visit to his place. We ended up visiting only the aunt. It was a good thing for us actually. We didn't have to rush.

It was very cold. Jack Frost came for a visit the night before. Leaving us his marks.

Frost on the windscreen. Looked as if the car got skin disease. Eewww....

I was hoping to see some snow but no such luck. But it was good to see the Balaton again. At the aunt's place we just ate and chit chat. Then we took a walk at Tagore Setány.

Most shops were closed except for one or two restaurants. We stop by a place to have some tea, hot chocolates and "palacsinta" or pancake.

I thought ducks, swans and birds would migrate in winter? These stayed back. My husband kept asking, "aren't they feeling cold swimming in the water?". I would like to know too. The water, I believe must be freezing cold. We could even see some icicles forming at the tip of the rocks there. Amazing. I wouldn't even want to bathe in slightly cold water. Yet alone, freezing cold.

We walked through the forest on our way back to the house. It was nearly dark then. Had supper, sat and chit chat some more, then we made our move to Budapest. *sigh* Arrived home in good time.

Today, it was as cold as yesterday. -5 degrees celcius in the morning. My husband thought of taking Bonnie to the Zoo. (He told her that he would take her to see the animals at least one more time before the end of the year). But he changed his mind. He went to shop for a new tap for the kitchen (he loves changing the taps every where we stayed, never liked the original tap) and some energy saving bulbs for the bathroom lightings. Good thing I didn't have to go. But I had work to do at home too. Going out nearly everyday the last few days, the house was a little bit neglected. There was a little bit of cleaning up to do.

Tomorrow, we would be able to relax a bit in the day, then we planned to meet some Malaysian friends in the evening. After that, then perhaps no more visits I think. :)

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