Wednesday, December 03, 2008


I've changed my layout again. Got kind of bored with the old one. Fortunately it is so easy to change the layout I don't have to grind my teeth and pull my hair like I had to 2-3 years ago. When I first started blogging, if you want great looking blog skin, you had to do things manually. Boy, there sure was plenty of hair pulling and head slamming on tables then. Nowadays, with xml files, changing layouts is as easy as 1,2,3. Well, not exactly that easy ( I encountered some problems), but a lot easier nevertheless. The next step for blogger is I hope that the widgets and scripts from the previous layout can automatically be added to the new uploaded layout. So troublesome to copy and paste back all those scripts. Am I asking too much? :)

I used to envy those with wordpress blogs because of their cool looking blog designs. However, now you can find wordpress themes that are converted to blogger templates. Not saying that wordpress blogs lost their coolness in my eyes. They still have all those great plugins that you can install. :)

Anyway, these past few days, the weather has been great. As soon as I thought that the weather will be colder and colder, it turned out that this week it got warmer. You can never really predict the weather huh?

My mil came to pick Bonnie up early this morning. She was rather excited I think to see Bonnie. She came a lot earlier than usual and when she saw Bonnie this morning, she said how long it was since they last met. Well, I think it was only last Thursday Bonnie was with her the whole day. I just wonder how she would feel if we live somewhere much further. Relationship between my mil and I had its ups and downs, but I truly appreciate her help and her caring so much for Bonnie.

Bonnie jumped less now after the episode with the lady from downstairs. Scolded her if she jumped too much.Well, not really. But we were rather concerned and try to keep relationship well with neighbours since we want to live here long. Don't need the hostility every time we bump into the old lady.

I had to make reservations for family friends ( my pupil's parents) for Hotel in Langkawi Malaysia. They travel abroad every Christmas. This year, to Malaysia again. Lucky people eh? :) The boy was extremely good today. So my good mood was intact at the end of the lesson.

Today is just an average day, but was a good one for me since I felt good the entire day. Life is indeed a roller coaster. One day you are down and the next you can be on the top. Well, just got to enjoy the ride!


Farah Deen said...

this template looks really sweet and pretty. yeah, i am tired of my old look too, but well, let's see if I can come up with something new soon.

Syari said...

Thanks Farah. I think it is simple. But that's how I like my template.

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