Friday, December 26, 2008

Walk in the woods.

On Christmas day, we sent Bonnie to her grandma's and my husband and I went off to Buda. If you do not know, Budapest consists of 2 parts. Buda and Pest. We are in flat land Pest and Buda is the hilly side. Buda is the beautiful of the two I believe.

We went there to check out the "Budai Hegyek" or Budai hills.

We just looked around a bit but we didn't really go for a walk. We decided to come the next day on the 26th, which is today with our little girl. So we went there this morning. :)

It snowed there but was not so thick. Perhaps about 2-3 cm. Being hilly, the snow stays, not like here in Pest, when it snowed usually it would melt away as soon as it touches the ground.

A tiny train station.

Small train arriving.

There are a few trails, but we took this one. There were many cars parked at the parking lot so it seemed to us there were many people, but we only passed by a few people. The trail was quite deserted. I like it. :P

We eventually didn't walk too much because Bonnie wanted to climb up the hill and rocks. So there goes our 10,000 steps a day. Which by the way, I only managed to do 5,391 steps as of now. The 10,000 steps a day idea seems a bit bleak at the moment. LOL

We came back tired, stopped by the mother in law's place again to eat. Then we came back home to rest. Wish we can do it every day. :) I love the forest here.

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comey_lote said...

Cantiknya!!!I thot winter here would be cloudy tapi sini matahari dia bukan main memancar!!tp sejuk toksah cakap le...masa autumn haritu matahari kurang

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