Monday, December 08, 2008

Wrapping your own gifts.

How funny is it when you wrap your own gifts and pretend to be surprised when you open it? I did it last year and doing it again for this year. Not only because I do the gift wrapping in the house but also because I choose what I want. If my husband were to choose and buy, he'd have to wrap it for me.

We went to get my present yesterday. I'll be playing some games this Christmas. :D Though, after getting it, I have no idea when I will really be able to sit and play. Wrapped it up yesterday itself to avoid any temptation to use it before the time comes.

I bought another one gift for my husband too. Something he will need for his work. He chose it himself. :P So much easier when you buy something that the other person chooses himself. You know that the person likes it. As for the other gift I got for him, I am not sure whether he'd like and appreciate it.

Will be wrapping up the other presents too. Gosh even wrapping presents for other people is fun at the moment. Hoping to see that they would really like it when they see what's in the package. :D


Farah Deen said...

sounds like so much fun wrapping presents and all. So, you know what's in your box huh? DId you get yourself a portable PSP? just guessing. hehehehe

Syari said...

Farah, of course I know what's in tha box. I went to choose and wrapped it. LOL

Nope not a psp. :D

Tina said...

oh no girl. you cant wrap your own presents :( get hubby to wrap even if its just newspaper lol

Syari said...

Tina, he seldom wraps for me. LOL

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