Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Just want to hibernate.

To some people -2° may not be so cold but to many like me, it is. It is usually when the air is so cold outside that I really feel like hibernating and not wake up till Spring.

Compare to most people I really cannot stand cold. When others feel that the weather is not so cold, their hand toasty warm still, but my hands would be icy cold and I'd be shivering already. (Mind you, not because I don't dress up) I'm suspecting my blood circulation isn't so good. But I just told my husband jokingly maybe I just need more fat so that I'd feel warm. LOL To be honest though, I'd rather be skinny and cold rather than fat and warm. However, I'm not really sure whether being fat can help one feel warmer.

I was told that the roads are icy today. My pupil just came back from Malaysia some days ago. I am supposed to go to him later today. But then due to the weather, maybe I'd start next week. They've got something for me from Malaysia. :P So I really should go then. LOL

Looking outside the window, everything seems to be dull and grey. Woke up this morning, blinking in the semi darkness of the room I suddenly felt something that I miss. I miss Malaysian heavy rain. The after rain smell. I'm not sure why, but I miss it. I can't remember when we had heavy rain here. Very rare, very rare indeed it seems.

Anyway, we have more than a month to go until winter goes away and Spring says hello. I just can't wait to see some colours around here. Why don't they plant lots and lots of cherry blossom trees here?

Flowering Cherry blossom trees. Sure would love to see something as beautiful as those now. :)


Dyah Ayu said...

I don't think I had ever experienced hard rain in Hungary. I've seen storm, but no hard rain. Well there were some, if you asked locals, but their definition is quite different from ours :p

I agree about the after rain smell :D

Syari said...

i've seen once hard rain. But without the occasional scary thunders and lightnings.

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