Monday, January 12, 2009

Smog alert.

As if it is not bad enough that the weather is very cold , the air has got to be bad too. Haven't been out for a couple of days on account of this. My husband even sent an sms telling that he'd do the shopping today when he comes back and not to take Bonnie out.

Owing to the smog level, Budapest has implemented a new traffic restriction rule that is effective since yesterday.

The rule: Cars with license plates ending with even number will be allowed to be driven in the city on even days. While those with number ending with an odd number will be allowed on odd days.

Rather interesting rule don't you think? But perhaps it will work since here usually one family has one car. If it really does work, perhaps other countries would follow suit.

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Petula said...

That's an interesting rule. I guess they'll be working hard to enforce it. ... I've never heard anything like that though. What if you have to go in are you supposed to take another transportation?

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