Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Still around.

Nope,haven't hibernated. LOL I just feel like, but having a 3 year old around, no way I can do that. We went out for a bit just now. The side walk was very slippery. Icy. Bonnie and I nearly fell down a few times. I had to walk on the grassy area (despite knowing that there might be doggy poo), to avoid slipping and fall. If Bonnie slips I can hold her up. If I slip, nothing would stop me from falling. Bonnie too would fall... along with me. Now I know why it can be rather dangerous for the elderly.

May go out tutoring tomorrow, but that too depends on whether the pupil's parent call to confirm. I usually need their confirmation every week before going. Sometimes the day or time may change. Today they didn't call up, so another reason why I didn't go. They just came back early this week. So I am not really sure whether the boy would want classes immediately. Even a few days before they left for Malaysia, he was already in a holiday mood.

I just hope all the ice will go away tomorrow. Will be going to do some shopping. Wouldn't be too glad if the sidewalk is still slippery.


Dyah Ayu said...

Look at the bright side, Syari. You're lucky to have walked on snow :p Many people in this part of the world are longing for it :D

Syari said...

There was no snow. Just ice. Darn slippery.

I wasn't complaining anyway. Was telling things as it is. Cold, icy, slippery and dangerous is not careful. LOL

MamaBoK said...

Yah..!! those darn ice..!! i hate it..!! what i wouldn't give to walk on Orchard Road in my bermudas and t-shirt.. eh.. :)

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