Saturday, January 31, 2009

Where have I been to?

I have not updated my blog for some days now. Not that I have gone else where, but just I did not have the idea what to update here. I am not a writer but I guess I can figure out what "writer's block" is all about.

Anyhow, I thought it's about time I posted something here to avoid speculations. Yes, I'm still alive and kicking. Life has been alright the past week. Gone tutoring, sent Bonnie to her grandma's place, go for walks, read, learn, etc. It was not very cold this week. I liked it. :)

The books I ordered through Amazon just arrived, and I just got myself "100 Classic books collection" for my Nintendo DS. So more books to read.

I think I'll go visit my Malaysian friend here sometime next week. So that Bonnie would be able to play with her kids. Bonnie can speak Malay and I'm proud of her for that. :) Even though Bonnie speaks Hungarian to the others here - including her daddy- I try my best so that Bonnie would at least speak Malay with me. The other day I met a Malay boy (not mixed what so ever) who could not really speak Malay because he had lived overseas most of his life. Seemed that he could understand but not speak much. Hmmm..... When I was 11 and still in primary school, I remember having a classmate whose parents were both Malays and they had been living in Scotland. He couldn't speak Malay?? Amazing eh how some Malay parents do not feel it is important to teach they children their own mother tongue. What a waste. Oh well, not my problem is it? Nope. As for my own choice, I'd like Bonnie to speak Malay well.

Well, that's all folks.


si Dyah said...

I'd love to read your post about Hungary! I heard it's a beautiful country with many awesome architectures and I right? son speaks 'rojak' now, half Indonesian half English...and now he is also learning Malay and Arabic in school! Whoaa...can he cope? People say kids learn new language very fast. Well...let's see about it. I certainly don't put pressure on him :)

Syari said...

Dyah, Hungarian buildings are nice alright. :) Some M'sians told me that Budapest look somewhat like Paris. Okay the city center at least.

My daughter speaks rojak too. But hopefully she will get over the confusion. LOL If not susah lah. Anyway, I've read that children can cope up with learning up to 10 languages at a time. :O whoaaah... amazing eh? I can't even cope with another new language. Mia ha ha ha.

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