Sunday, February 08, 2009

Feeling grateful.

After reading an article on CNN - Tough choices for America's Hungry- I feel so grateful that we have enough to eat and a little more even. Feel a bit strange though to read something like that, coming from America. America, the land of milk and honey, and their citizens are struggling to feed themselves.

It was only yesterday we went shopping for the week. Though we are a little thrifty when it comes to luxuries, but we do not restrain ourselves when it comes to food. We buy what we think we need or we feel like eating.

I do not know where the economy is heading to, but can't help feeling worried. Reading these kind of articles and news does have it's psychological effect. You can't help feeling a bit depressed. Feeling depressed sucks. The only good thing perhaps about depression is that, sometimes it takes away the appetite - even better than the best weight loss pills of all time. * ha ha ha* But it can even make people stuff themselves more. Yikes.

Many are hoping for Obama to save us from the Economic depression. I just hope that things will turn for the better soon enough. But at this moment, grateful is all I feel.

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