Thursday, February 19, 2009


Hello there. Been slacking again. Wasn't feeling too good, with the cold weather and all. Wish can go for one of Orlando vacations like to Disney World theme park. Woohoo... I think Disney World would be nice regardless whether it is in cold Paris or in warm Florida. But right now to go to somewhere warmer would be nice. :P I can rant on and on I know.

Anyway, we went to the dancing class the other day. It is a dancing class. No art. Since it was Bonnie's first day, I had to go in as well. Parents had to wait outside actually. Bonnie was very shy. But it didn't take too long to get her to join in. Of course I had to participate a bit. Mia ha ha ha. Class consists of kids aged from 3 to 5/6. Bonnie seemed to enjoy the class. Even I myself enjoyed it that I didn't even notice an hour had past.

At the end of the class, the teacher would draw for the kids on small note papers for them to take back home. She told the kids she'd draw for them butterfly, tulip, snail, heart etc. The easy stuffs. When it came to my girl, Bonnie being a demanding sort asked her to draw a dog instead. At first the teacher said okay. After a few attempts she asked Bonnie again to choose something else like a snail perhaps. LOL So Bonnie said okay. Even that she wasn't good at. No wonder no 'art lesson' as I was told. LOL I can draw better than her. Nevertheless, at least the dancing lesson was okay (maybe because I don't know how to dance myself... He he he). So we will go again. :)


MamaBoK said...

Just dropping in to say hi.. and love the new blog theme.. :)

Farah Deen said...

The idea of sending my girl to a dancing class excites me as well. I guess, I wanted that when I was a child but never had the chance to do it. ANyway, I bet Bonnie would be a gorgeous and graceful ballerina- and with her exotic look, she would be the attention of the audience!

Maybe, you should get a video shoot of her dancing in the class one day?

Syari said...

Hi there MamaBok, will be visiting your blog soon!! :)

Syari said...

Farah, it is not a ballet class. Only simple dancing. Most of them are too young to follow instructions. LOL Maybe later on we may send her to a real ballet class. Saw a class right across the corridor from the room Bonnie having her lessons.

Video? Perhaps. Parents not really allowed in the room. If I were in the room, I'd be too busy to make Bonnie join in. LOL

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