Monday, February 23, 2009

Snowy day.

When we woke up and looked out the window this morning, everything was covered in snow! It started to snow late last night and snowed nearly the whole day today. Talk about global warming, this year seems to have more snow than last year. I think it snowed about one day early last year.

Went out to the garden to play with the snow at 11 am. Good time. Bonnie had lunch and took her nap after we came back from outside. Made my first snow man of the year. Second one in my lifetime so far. :)

First trial. Head too small, forgot the arms.

Final result.

Who would have thought making a snow man can be a wee bit tiring, especially when you're rolling the snow to gather it into a huge ball. The snow man's life was short lived. Thought it would last a day at least but shorter still. Bonnie destroyed him. She reminded me of Stitch from "Lilo & Stitch". Thank goodness for digital cameras. He lives on in pictures. My second snowman.... ^o^

There is an apple tree and there was one particular apple that simply doesn't want to let go. Or is it the tree that is stubborn??

That's an apple. Frozen apple anyone??

At about 4.30 pm my mother in law came. So off we went for the second dancing class. I went in again but this time I stood aside and watched. Bonnie kept calling for me, but the teacher told her no need mommy. Looking at her among the other kids.... *sigh* how beautiful she looked. :P My baby a big girl.

I came back home straight while Bonnie and her grandma has gone to the park to play more snow and sledding perhaps.

So today went well I think. :)


Mama Tatana said...

Nice snow man Syari!. I wonder how u can stand the cold making the snowman? has been snowing here for almost 2 weeks..snowing so heavily but during day time before we sempat making snowman, its all melted again:( The area near the mountain got 3 meters snow..the ppl cannot find their cars anymore!. Skiing places has been closed afraid of snowslide. I think I hv enough of long and cold winter, no more snow plz, I hope Spring will come soon, this weekend we´ll have above 13 degrees..yepiiiii...

Syari said...

Luthie, I made the snowman with my barehands. No gloves. I think Spring will be here soon. As it is, isn't so cold these days. :)

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