Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sunny but cold day.

It was quite sunny this morning but rather cold - wind chill. As usual today, sent Bonnie to my mil's place at about 12 pm and left for tutoring. Next week I won't be tutoring him since he'll be in Dubai then. Lucky kid.

These days, I made a bargain with him, 1 hour 100% concentration on learning and reading, another hour we can learn through talking and playing. Well, his parents don't mind it that way, though I would rather he sit and learn to read and write the 2 hours, but did that, didn't work. He refused to read or write sometimes. But with the new deal, I'm happy that he really learns in that 1 hour. He's reading is better. :) The other hour he speaks most of the time. Though I'm still not pretty happy with his speech, but hey, the parents said he improved, who am I to say much huh? I cannot apply the Malaysian English education level to that of the Hungarians. To think that he is actually the best in his class, I don't even dare to imagine how the others do.

I feel he may be quite a lonesome child. He treats me like a friend more than a tutor. Called me up just to inform me about the new game he got and told me he'd wait for me to play together. Even before I left just now, he told he might call me from Dubai ( I doubt it. He he he) so that we can set time to play multiplayer game of Empires. Too sweet though.

Bonnie and her daddy will be back anytime now. So I'd better finish what I need to do here. Need to send an email to my Malaysian bank regarding my insurance - the insurance rates, whether there are any changes on the TOS and all.



comey_lote said...

Almost everyday is a sunny day here...kdg2 je sejukkkk jugak..matahari berlakon je kat sini..huhuhu

Syari said...

Here selalu weather forecast kata snow. Tp tak snow pun. LOL Ada la satu hari minggu ni snow. Matahari sini pun sama gak, cerah je tp sejuk kalahkan bila mendung. :P

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