Saturday, February 07, 2009


The baby isn't at home. She's sleeping over at her grandma's place. Not my wish though but her daddy's. Currently he isn't in such a good mood because of workload. So moody that I didn't dare to do anything that may annoy him further. He came back rather late last evening and were rather tired and cross. Still have to work at home. Being a white collar worker isn't as easy as some would think. Brain work can be even more tiring than physical work.

In the morning after sending Bonnie to her grandma's place, we went for shopping. When we came back, we ate and then we took a long nap, woke up at 5 o'clock. I must admit it feels quite good to outsource the baby sometimes. :P But we would have to take Bonnie back in the morning tomorrow, since my mil has to go somewhere. It's okay with me since I know I'd be missing her already by then.

And you know what is good now? Time to watch a movie. :D No more Jim Jam or Minimax please!! Torn between the movie "You've got mail" and "The tuxedo". I feel like it's been ages since we can watch a good old movie at any time we want.

Anyhow, "Happy weekend!!".

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