Thursday, March 26, 2009


I am not sure whether it is allergy or not but I am getting a horrible reddish rash on my right arm and neck. Dry and itchy. Most probably eczema. I didn't eat anything special or different before getting it so I need to keep track of what I eat and omit certain things to see whether they are the ones that cause me to have such skin flares. First thing I've stopped taking is milk. Bonnie had eczema due to drinking a certain kind of milk. Once we have stopped giving her that milk the eczema disappeared. I know some people may say, "you have been drinking milk all this time how can milk be the cause of allergy now?" I thought so too, but it isn't impossible. My father in law had been eating bread and any food that contained wheat in it all his life until one time he had real horrible diarrhea. After weeks of suffering ( he got real thin from it even), turned out he is allergic to wheat. Maybe the body changed and stop accepting certain things.

For me trying to omit milk from my daily consumption is tough because I'm a coffee addict. I only drink coffee with milk or cream. This morning I really felt the urge to drink coffee so much that I drink it black. Hu hu hu. Which I didn't like but, for the sake of having better skin, had to do it. Eczema is still there but looks like it is getting better. I am also using a medicated cream got from the pharmacy. Can it be it got better because of the cream or because of not drinking milk? I really have little idea as of now.

I even ordered a special Chinese medication online. For a 10 ml small tub of herbal cream, £7.50 is a bit expensive. Maybe due the item, or the ingredients. But I've tried it before and it is really good for eczema so it is really worth it. Because I had eczema break outs before and that time what ever cream I used nothing really helped. If you want info about the medicine, ask me. :)

Hopefully the med will arrive soon and I also hope that it would turn out that I'm not allergic to milk. My eczema is fairly mild, but reading the experience of those who had worse I feel for them. If you ever had eczema before you will understand how terrible it is to suffer from it.

Maybe I'm allergic to coffee??? :0 Ohhhh... please noooo...........


een said...

lor???nape begitu skali..poor syari, anyway,hope u'll recover soon dear!!

si Dyah said...

Speaking about allergy Syari,

I live with allergy all my life! Its in the gene from my mothers side. Everybody seems to have certain allergy to certain food, mostly fish. When i was youmg i was allergic to prawns but outgrew it aftwr awhile.

My aqila is allergic to so many things, from eggs to peanuts to dust and shellfish! He used to be allergic to milk too but had outgrown it when he was 1 1/2 yo. Until now he is very sensitive to various type of food, sometime i do not know what to cook for him! Alamak..

The allergy reaction can be as mild as rashes, eczEma to asthma-like symptom! Alamak again...

Syari, i hope by now you have found the root of your eczEma problem. Its a very annoying itch yaa??

I hope by now

Syari said...

Een, got better now. Still have a bit but looking good! :)

Syari said...


eczema sucks. The worst kind I can get is the ones that has blisters. ouch.... itchy + dry + pain + embarrassment. If it gets to other parts of the body still ookaayyy lah... but if the face.. hu hu

Some people can gobble down just about anything and be fine. Huh!! lucky bas.... ehe he he he.

Haven't found yet what causes it. Since I get back to drink milk and still it is getting better. Don't know what it is then.

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