Friday, March 20, 2009

American styled kitchen.

The owner of the last place we stayed in renovated his place before he moved in. He is actually somebody our family knows so we were kept up to date with their news. :D He changed the kitchen into a bedroom and the kitchen was moved into the livingroom where it was made into an American kitchen. I think it was rather strange to see the kitchen in the livingroom since we've lived there before.

The American styled kitchen or they call it "Amerikai Konyha" is rather popular here. Most probably because usually you don't need a separate room for a kitchen. Save space perhaps??

I think an American kitchen looks nice and modern. But don't think it's is good for us due to certain dishes that I may cook - fish and belacan for example. I like our kitchen. Even though separated as it is, it is hard to keep the cooking smell (especially when I fry fish or use belacan) from entering other rooms. Would be nice to have it renovated though. Could do with a few more built in cabinets, shiny new zero radius sinks with matching new counters and tiles. Maybe in a few years that dream will come true. :)

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