Sunday, March 01, 2009

Didn't even realize it.

I didn't even realize how the days had passed! Last post was on the 23rd of February and now it is already March. A few more weeks then it'll be Spring. I really can't wait for winter to end. Can't wait to see greenery and flowers everywhere with the air filled with sweet smell of blooming flowers.

Last Friday, my mother in law, Bonnie and I went out to do a little shopping in Ikea. Before going back, we had pastries and coffee, sat and chit chat. Chit chat? me? in Hungarian? I tried. At least she understood me when I speak and didn't laugh. :P Anyhow, we had a good time. Even Bonnie said, "so good to go out together". Well, as usual she had a new soft toy from grandma. She has more soft toys in 3 years of her life than I ever had in my lifetime.

This is my second year in Budapest, Hungary. Though I do miss my home country, it is an unusual feeling that I have now. I seem not to miss it that much. I find myself looking forward to the different seasons and the things to be done and enjoyed.

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Dyah said...

Syari, I guess when you are in'd travel a thousand miles (literally) just to be with your loved one :)

I never see snow in my whole life! How lucky you are.

I totally can relate to your feeling now. I love my country, but do not miss it so much now, but is just an hour or so flight away from this tiny island! Cant really compare with your situation ya?

I have to wait to find out what you would say about being away from home after..say.. eight years?

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