Saturday, March 28, 2009

Feeling better.

I just got better from a nasty flu. I guess the cold finally got me. I was in bed the entire day yesterday. My joints and muscles were in so much pain that even moving an inch was agony. Felt as if I was lying on a slab of rock instead of a mattress. Wished I had a water bed then. Or even better, the adjustable air mattress. Don't know whether you people have heard of sleep number bed. The type of air mattress that you can adjust to individual needs.It isn't something new for me to get horrible joints and muscle aches whenever I get fever.

Just glad that it happened when my husband was at home. Having the in laws nearby is plus point as well. He took care of Bonnie and my mother in law helped take Bonnie out. Imagine having to take care of a hyper active child when you're entire body is aching and your head is spinning. My mom in law was kind enough to send chicken soup for me in the evening too.

By the way the rashes are gone too. :) Happy things are getting back to normal.


si Dyah said...

Halo again... Syari...

Thank God you are feeling better now!

Buang jau-jauh sakitnya ya? (hope you understand this :))

Syari said...

Dyah, Thanks!! Yup yup understand. :D

nisha said...

Hi there dear, felt very bad to know your not well yet visited me to check out on us.. glad to know you are feeling better, though i understand how the fever brings a person down and how you must have been feelings with those pains.. take rest even after the pains are no more.. get completely well asap.. :-)

Even those allergies, they can be gotten from food already consumed for years.. my friend experienced this with eggs.. they're irritating i know :-)

You know what, ive seen Bonnie in that hairstyle on the other blog.. hehe.. shes a doll i tell you!! imagine how much your hubs will have to shoo 'them' away.. hehe.. :-)

Thanks so much for being a great friend to me Syari.. and hope we remain friends forever :-)

comey_lote said...

ohh...I'm relieved you fell better now! I was soooo busy and feverish too last few days! aachum!

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