Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It just looks easy....

It actually just looks easy, but it ain't that easy. I'm talking about playing the guitar and singing at the same time. After our move I didn't touch the guitar for sometime. (Usually it's these sort of changes that diverts us from the activity that we were doing normally.) Once things had settled down, started back again.

It was so disheartening that I started to sing while I play the guitar when my husband commented, "gosh, what happened to you? Your singing is way off".... (-_-) Boy, was I hurt.. There goes my dream of becoming the family entertainer. I can already imagine my grandchildren saying this, "Oh myyy goshhhh... grandma is fetching her guitar. Quick!! Quick! run and hide!"

Really, I didn't know that my fingers would hurt badly when I first started playing and I didn't know that it won't be easy to sing and play the guitar at the same time. For the former problem, the skin at the tip of your fingers get thicker gradually. For the latter... hmmm, it was slightly much more difficult than I thought. It's not that my voice is horrible (not trying to cover up here... LOL), just it goes out of tune. LOL At the moment, brain cannot work controlling fingers and control singing well at the same time. It is like learning a new language, you know what to say, your brain seems to be a bit too fast than your lips. Instead of saying the right thing which your brain had planned to say but your lips blabbered something else.Something like that. I hope you understand what I'm trying to convey here. LOL

Sometimes I wish I was born a genius. But I'm not. *sigh* so just like other ordinary people,have to do everything old school the hard way.Try and go on despite the hard criticism like, "your singing sucks" and hope you get better.


Dyah said...

hahaha....I gave up on singing and playing instruments at the same time loong time ago. I can still play piano...and perhaps a simple song or two in guitar...but no singing, period. People will runaway if i sing! LOL

Funny thing Aqila doesnt like to see me playing the piano. I know it is not because I cant play (well...i am not talking about playing the piano like Billy Joel or Elton John, but I can play ...there's no doubt about that :))

So what's the big fuss every time I play the piano? I think because I tend to get carried away...and forgot everything and everyone else (including my poor Aqila) whenever I play! Doooh....

So...still nursing your numb fingers eh? :P

Syari said...

Dyah, the fingers are not feeling bad. Numb? yes. LOL Got a bit thick the skin. Piano? wow... I don't think I can learn to play the piano, my fingers would be all over the place. Now I know why Aqila would like to play the violin! Hah... playing a musical instrument is in the blood!

mistipurple said...

haha, don't be discouraged. keep at it, perhaps at lower tones when you have the time to practice, and then, show it to them!!! good luck!

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